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Season Information and Divisions

Season Information

We have two seasons each year at BYSA.

The Fall Season is a developmental, instructional season where players have one practice a week (weeknight) and one game a week (Saturday). Registration for this season typically opens in July online, with in-person registration occurring in August. The season runs from September to November. Teams are selected after a basic evaluation (not a tryout) to try to create a level playing field across all teams.

During the Spring Season, teams have 4-6 practices prior to the first game of the season, multiple practices during the season, and typically have 2 games per week (a weeknight game and a Saturday game). Registration for the spring season opens online in November, with in-person sessions occurring in January. The season runs from February to May, and concludes with a park tournament for all age divisions except T-Ball. Players in all age groups are eligible to be considered for All-Stars, with district/state tournaments typically occurring in June/July. All players participate in a tryout and teams are selected via draft by team managers. (Exception: T-Ball does not have tryouts and teams are selected randomly.)

Player Ages/Divisions

You can verify the correct age group for your child by first determining his/her league age via the Age Charts then locating the proper Division. Please note that baseball and softball have different cutoff dates for age groups. Players always move up an age for the fall season. So if your child was league age 7 in the spring, he/she would be league age 8 in the fall. If the child was league age 7 in the fall, he/she would still be league age 7 in the spring.