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Volunteer Information

Manager and Coach Registration

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Information for Managers and Coaches

Sign up to manage/coach while signing up your child for the season. After registering your player(s), next click on the Manager and Coach Registration link here. This will allow you (the adult) to register to volunteer. We greatly appreciate everyone who dedicates their time to coaching our kids at the park. The park could not exist without your help!! That said, before you can manage/coach, you are required to be credentialed through BYSA (per Hillsborough County regulations). In order to be obtain your park badge, you must have the items listed below.

Volunteer Packet Requirements:

  1. Volunteer Application
  2. NAYS Coaching Cert
  3. Concussion Training
  4. Protecting Against Abuse Training
  5. Headshot
  6. CPR, First Aid and AED Class
  • You can send a copy of your NAYS coaching card that which covers items #3 and #4
  • FDLE background checks require a valid SSN.
    • You can provide this over the phone or via encrypted email
    • Email Tom Irwin for phone & encrypted email instructions

1. Volunteer Application - Background Check

BYSA performs a background check at no cost to you. If you have never coached at BYSA before, you must first fill out a Volunteer Application form. This form provides the necessary information and consent for your background check. This form can be filled out and sent to Tom Irwin, BYSA's Volunteer Coordinator (

2. Coaching Certification - NAYS or Hillsborough County

There are two ways you can obtain your coaching certification. Hillsborough County offers free, in-person coaching certification classes. You can register and get information for these classes here. You can also take an online training class through NAYS (National Alliance for Youth Sports). The online class costs $20 and is good for a year (although you can pay more for a longer membership). Once you receive your membership card from either of these classes, you must take a picture and send it to Tom Irwin, BYSA's Volunteer Coordinator.

3. Concussion Training

Concussion training is included in the free classes offered through Hillsborough County Parks and Rec. You can also complete free concussion training through the websites below. Again, you must send proof of completion to, BYSA's Volunteer Coordinator, Tom Irwin.

4. Protecting Against Abuse Training

Starting in 2019, Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken organizations are requiring all managers/coaches to have training for protection against abuse. You can take on online course for free through NAYS: If you attend a county coach's training session, protection against abuse is included as part of that program.

5. Headshot Picture

If you don't currently have a badge, you'll also need to provide a picture (headshot) for your badge. 

6. CPR, First Aid and AED Class

Volunteers must pass a CPR, First Aid and AED training class (Hillsborough County).  BYSA does not offer these classes.  You can search for classes online that meet this requirement.