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Advanced Baseball/Xtreme Softball

Advanced Baseball (AB) and Advanced(HCCLP) Softball

BYSA is proud to offer both Advanced (AB) Baseball and Xtreme Softball. Both these programs exist in addition to our regular recreation seasons. AB and Xtreme teams are competitive teams that play against other parks throughout the course of the season. These teams are selected through tryouts at the beginning of each spring and fall season. 


More information about the West Florida Advanced Baseball League, which BYSA competes in, can be found here: Our goal at BYSA is to offer an AB/Xtreme team at each age group, depending on player and coach interest. Managers for each AB/Xtreme team will be identified and selected through an interview process each season.


In order to participate in an AB/Xtreme season, players must:

  • live with BYSA boundaries (or qualify for an exemption based on school attended)
  • not be playing on a travel team during the AB/Xtreme season.
  • be signed up and participate in the regular rec season. EXCEPTION: In the fall, players can receive an exemption if they are playing another sport (ie. basketball, football, soccer). 
  • attend a tryout and be selected to the team.
  • not have any outstanding BYSA account balances. 


Notifications about AB tryouts will be made prior to the beginning of the regular season. All people who registered for that season will receive an email through SI Play and information will be communicated via social media, the BYSA website, and through the RainedOut text alert system.


AB/Xtreme will require additional fees, which will be determined prior to tryouts. We try to keep fees minimal to cover uniforms and umpire fees. Last year, fees ranged between $100-150 for an AB season, depending on whether the player needed a jersey for the particular season.


While each team will be slightly different, most AB/Xtreme teams will play doubleheaders every other Sunday as part of their AB/Xtreme league play. These games are typically at parks locally within our district, but might require up to an hour drive. On Sundays when there isn't a doubleheader, most teams will typically practice. During the fall, most teams will also have a practice during the week, if field space is available. In the spring, weekday practices are less likely due to lack of field space and a busier rec schedule.